Goals and Accomplishments


These accomplishments are given on a monthly basis;

  • We currently utilize the Huber program from the Marathon County Jail in which we are staffing two individuals totaling 233.5 hours of service.
  • Our total volunteer hours from community members totals 629.5 hours.
  • W-2 program has 0 hours currently.
  • Hours received through the Attic is 46.
  • Retired Service Volunteer Program (R.S.V.P.) hours total up at 215.
  • We have experienced a total of 410 guests through our front doors. 102 of which were given clothing and hygiene to meet their needs.


These goals are for the year of 2018;

  1. Grants – Write at least 7 for this year.
  2. Sustainability.
  3. Wisconsin Institute of Public Policies and Services (WIPPS) – Finish tasks.
  4. Our Board of Directors are to attend or participate in two educational programs per year.
  5. Continue newsletter, web page and social media posts.
  6. Gather stories.
  7. Structure our Advisory Committee.
  8. More fundraising.